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Vietnam History

The 196th Light Infantry Brigade, also known as the Charger Brigade.July 15, 1966 - June 1972. During the Vietnam War the 196th was part of the United States Army's 23rd Infantry Division (Also called the Americal Division).The 196th LIB was reactivated again in September 1965 at Fort Devens, where it was originally scheduled to be sent to the Dominican Republic, but was rushed to Vietnam on July 15, 1966 via transport ships, arriving on August 14, 1966 in Tay Ninh City, where it began combat operations in the western area of the III Corps Tactical Zone. The 196th conducted Operations Cedar Falls, Dadsen, Lancaster, Junction City, Benton, and Attleboro (War Zone C of Tay Ninh Province), where it turned into a major action after a large enemy base camp was found in October 19, 1966. In April 1967, the 196th was selected, along with the 1st Brigade, the 101st Airborne Division and 3rd Brigade, and the 25th Infantry Division, to form a temporary division unit called Task Force OREGON, where it was moved to the I Corps Tactical Zone. The brigade continued with this division, where it was converted into the 23rd Infantry Division, or Americal, on September 25, 1967, and participated in Operations Wheeler/Wallowa, Golden Fleece, Fayette Canyon, Frederick Hill, Lamar Plain, Elk Canyon I, and Elk Canyon II. In early May of 1968, the 2/1 of the 196th was flown in to assist at the Battle of Kham Duc. On February 15, 1969, the 196th officially became a member of this division, where it operated out of Northern Vietnam. On November 29, 1971, the 196th became a separate temporary entity to safeguard this same area of operations. In April 1971, the 196th moved to Da Nang to assist in port security duties, and finally left Vietnam in June 29, 1972 as the last combat brigade to leave in Vietnam. The brigade suffered 1004 KIA, and 5591 WIA in Vietnam.

Brigades Vietnam History

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